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SD-series Tunnel Dryer

Tunnel Dryer SD-series

The SD-series belt dryer are used to dry individual ceramic sheets or wafers after printing. The prints are dried in a heated tunnel with a consistent air flow to ensure a high drying speed. The side by side placement of sheets onto the drying belt increases the drying efficiency. Alternatively to hot air drying IR curing can be chosen. Our advanced belt dryer SD 3 fits seamlessly to our printers to dry or cure sensitive prints.

Technical specification:

  • Drying by IR or counter flow hot air
  • Drying zone length: 1500mm
  • Tunnel width: 450mm
  • Drying temperature: max. temp. 90 °C
  • Air flow: max. 5m3/min
  • Belt speed: 0,2- 1,5 m/min (0.7 – 5 ft./min.)
  • Dimensions: 2280 x 660 x 1540mm
  • Weight: appr. 250kg
  • Power: 3x380 or 3x220V, 50/60Hz, 3x25A, 6kW.