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SB-series Stacking Machine

Stacking Machine SB-series

The SB-series semi-automatic machine is designed for efficient high volume production with a cycle time of less than 6 seconds by performing tasks simultaneously on a carrousel.

Up to 8 different sheet cassettes can be placed on a loading station from which the single sheets are transported to a table for vision alignment.

Afterwards, stacking and pre-lamination are performed.

The carrier foil will be removed after stacking to enable a higher accuracy.

Automatic loading and unloading of up to 24 carrier plates is possible.

The possible automation in the whole process guarantees a stable production output at a high speed while guaranteeing an accuracy of +/-10 microns.

SW-series Stacking Machine

Our SW-series stackers are suitable for laboratory and small scale production work.

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ST-series Stacking Machine

Our ST-series is designed for a stacking high layers of ceramics.

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SB-series Stacking Machine

Our SB-series stackers are most suitable for large scale electronic components such as LTCC, HTCC, MLCI .

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Cover Sheet Maker: CSM-series

Our CSM-series hot press plate is designed for cost effective production purposes in multilayer ceramics.

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SM-series Tacking Press

Tacking press with a pin alignment for laboratory use when high accuracy is not required.

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