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Carrier Plates

Carrier Plates

Our carrier plates are fully Palomar compatible silicon rubber plates

  • Round hole plates for 0402 and up
  • Superior silicone rubber for less abrasion and longer life
  • Molded ultra smooth holes

Thin Carrier Plates (TCP)

Thin Carrier Plates

Our thin carrier plates are ultrathin and lightweight steel plates with molded silicone rubber

  • Very suitable for small chips 0201 and 0402
  • No need to turn 0603 and up
  • New patented development for Array dipping
  • Lowest cost technology
  • Up to 13776 holes per plate

JIG Plates

JIG Plate
  • Suitable for 0805/0603/0402/0201
  • 5 x 7 inch and 9 x 9 inch
  • No pins needed for loading