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Specifications Haiku EP-6A

Basin volume: 60-200 liter
# Basins: 6 fully integrated PP units in 2 pieces for shipping
1 Ni-plating basin
2 Ni-rinsing basins
1 Sn-plating basin
1 cold Sn-rinsing basin
1 heated Sn-rinsing basin (50-70 C thermostated)
Rotating drum: 2 pieces with max load 1.5 kg each suitable for 0402 size components

New Arrival: Haiku Tech is now offering an electroplating machine with a superior technology for small and sensitive components.

Haiku Tech offers cost efficient packaged unit electroplating lines for the plating of (copper), nickel and tin on terminations of SMD components. The equipment is manufactured in Europe to the highest specifications for reliability and accuracy of plating. The equipment is based on the common barrel principle but uses a frame with all units pre-installed in the factory. According to customers wish the unit can be automated with barrel movement and positioning, drying and unloading of components

Automatic electroplating machine Model Haiku EP-6A

The machine is based on the principle of rotating mesh drums containing the components and the cathode. Two basins are foreseen for the actual plating process, one for nickel and one for tin. After each plating step the product is rinsed in 2 basins of water, for the tin rinsing water one rinsing basin is heated. The drums are automatically transported between the basins. The equipment is fully controlled by PLC with visualization of the process. The equipment is a self supporting packaged unit in 2 pieces that can be easily transported. Included in the delivery are the anode containers, rectifiers, the rotating drums, emptying valves, spill tray, exhaust system, filter unit for each plating basin.