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Roller Benches BL-series for Slurry Preparation

Slurry Prepation BL-Series

BL-series roller benches deliver excellent flexibility and safety for ball milling processes. Roller benches are used to prepare different ceramic slurries for tape casting. The unmixed suspension is put into ceramic or plastic jars. Up to 8 jars on selected models can be placed on rotating rubber rolls. The operation time and rotation speed is variable to ensure that various material compositions and jar sizes are optimally mixed and milled. An optional programmable controller allows saving and recalling mixing programs. The use of highly durable bearings ensures an exceptionally long operational life cycle. Safe operation under CE is guaranteed by a leakage tray, interlocked doors and an integrated fume hood.

CAM-C series Compact Tape Caster

The CAM- C compact series of tape casters are built to meet the most stringent customer demands where floor space is limited.

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CAM-H series Horizontal Drying Zone Tape Caster

The CAM- H series tape casters are our most advanced tape casters suitable for highest production demands.

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CAM-L series Laboratory Doctor Blade Tape Caster

The CAM-L laboratory tape casters are designed for small scale and medium production.

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CAM-S series Steel belt Tape Caster

The CAM-S tape casters are developed for a low cost tape production method without using a carrier film.

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Roller Benches for Slurry Preparation

BL- series roller benches for ball-milling processes.

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