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CAM-S series Steel Belt Tape Caster

Tape Casters S-Series

The CAM- S series enable a low cost ceramic tape production due to the absence of any consumable as the tape is cast on a continuous stainless steel belt. The S series tape casters are mainly used to produce dry tape thicknesses from 15 to 200 microns (0.6 to 8 mils). The automated continuous slurry dosage flows through a slotted die system with ±10 micrometer (0.4 mils) slurry level height control on the casting box. The doctor blade casting gap, which is displayed on 2 digital measuring gauges, can be set by using micrometer screws. The standard caster comes with an automatic belt tracking, a pneumatic belt tensioning, dried tape winder and a 25 Liters (6.6 gallons) slurry vessel.

CAM-C series Compact Tape Caster

The CAM- C compact series of tape casters are built to meet the most stringent customer demands where floor space is limited.

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CAM-H series Horizontal Drying Zone Tape Caster

The CAM- H series tape casters are our most advanced tape casters suitable for highest production demands.

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CAM-L series Laboratory Doctor Blade Tape Caster

The CAM-L laboratory tape casters are designed for small scale and medium production.

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CAM-S series Steel belt Tape Caster

The CAM-S tape casters are developed for a low cost tape production method without using a carrier film.

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Roller Benches for Slurry Preparation

BL- series roller benches for ball-milling processes.

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