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PSP9-series Printing & Stacking Machine

Printing & Stacking Machine

The PAL-series combines the fully automated functions of printing, drying and stacking into one machine to enable very economic manufacturing of high layer count piezo’s, MLCC’s and MLV’s. Multiple printers and driers can be integrated in this machine in order to stack different printing designs. The speed, capacity, precision and versatility of the PAL-9 provide the most competitive automated multilayer ceramic printer stacker system on the market. This machine is based on highly refined “print on stack” technology. Carrier plates are loaded and unloaded automatically with a capacity of up to 100 plates travelling at one time around a horizontal carrousel. Printing conditions are fully stabilized with respect to temperature and mechanical stability. The superior positioning accuracy of points is well suited for even the smallest chip components . Efficient, high speed operation results in a low cycle time (down to 5 seconds printing cycle time including the plate transport and drying).

Optional features:

  • Cassette loading system
  • Automatic ink dispensing
  • Carrier Plate cooling
  • Roll feeding systems for freestanding ceramic tape
  • Roll feeding systems for carrier foil based ceramic tape
  • Up to 4 printers can be installed
  • Up to 4 tape feeders can be mounted (coversheet dispensing, etc.)
  • Off-line automated coversheet stacker
  • Automatic visual inspection systems of electrode printing quality and tape quality
  • Custom designs to meet your technology’s requests, especially for multilayer inductors requiring placement vision aligned, punched sheets.