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Wafer Singulation for LED-Wafers / GaAs-Wafers

Semi-Automatic Advanced Screen Printer P200A

LED Wafer Breaker BW600FA

Fully Automated 6” LED Wafer Breaker

Haiku Tech is now introducing N-Tec’s newest wafer breaker, the BW600FA. Taiwan based N-Tec has become in just a few years the leading brand for the separation of GaAs laser scribed wafers. The main feature of this truly innovative wafer breaker is the capability of processing an increased wafer size. The BW600FA is designed to separate wafer sizes of up to 6” (150 mm), which is a unique and trend-setting approach in the industry.

Mr. Roderik Höppener, president of Haiku Tech forecasts: “The wafer’s size increase opens new avenues for the LED manufacturers to lower production costs by more than half. Companies shifting to larger wafer size will create a significant edge over their competitors by this improved efficiency. We welcome customers to visit our showroom to assure themselves of the machines’ quality and functionality”.

The wafer breaker comes with an optional fully automated loader/un-loader system for placement of wafers from/to a cassette.

The BW600FA LED wafer breaker increases speed by usage of multiple cameras for a faster and better positioning control. A unique triple hammer ensures a uniform breaking force reducing the number of defects.