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Vision Inspection

Vision Inspection Machine

Four side or six side capacitor, inductor, resistor, LED visual inspection system

Haiku Tech’s new vision inspection machine is a top performer in respect to cost per chip inspected. Low initial investment, superior vision inspection abilities with marginal errors and negligible consumables, quick set-up time for different size components, yet high throughput machine puts vision inspection of passive components to a new level.

This machine is specialized meeting the demand of passive components manufacturers by visual quality inspection. Focusing on improving the production efficiency the machine determines the quality of passive components exclusive characteristics such as pressure sensitive, thermal resistance or high frequency. Special software is installed to achieve sophisticated standards of reliability and stability at a high inspection speed. This machine can be individually optimized by changing different components such as the optical lens of the camera to achieve a clear image and an efficient algorithm for a low failure rate after inspection.

The usage of an encoder equipped with a high resolution digital signal processing guarantees the calculation of a correct chip location. This method excludes the possibility of marking functional chips as defected and thus achieving a higher yield of functioning chips. A dilution of defected and functional chips will not take place as the chips will be nested in different cassettes.