Strategic Solutions to Unique Manufacturing Challenges

Turn to Haiku Tech for smart, cost-effective solutions to the manufacturing challenges you face in producing ceramic multilayer components, SOFC fuel cells or solar cells. We can provide you with in-house consultancy to improve production or by supplying the newest recipes tailored for your materials in tape casting and screen printing.

The Haiku Tech team includes highly trained individuals with many years of specialized experience in the area of ceramic multilayer passive components. This expertise is available on a project. Our headquarters in Miami, Florida as well as our new office in Maastricht, The Netherlands is equipped for development and testing of new manufacturing technology.

Our areas of expertise include “clean and green” solutions to meet new environmental regulations, and exciting, innovative production solutions for the fuel cell industry. We invite you to call us with your challenge, and to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

Examples of realized Projects:

  • Set-up fuel cell process, including the design of compatible pastes and tape systems
  • Set up tape based varistor process
  • Develop high layer stack for MLCC
  • Develop water based screen printing
  • Develop water based tape casting compositions and optimize for printing stacking for application in MLV, MLCC, piezo
  • Paste compatibility studies with tape
  • Recipe development for new dielectrics, or other ceramic powders
  • Design tape casting process for scale up
  • Prototype passive components, lambda sensors, LTCC, piezo stacks
  • Develop process and prototype new harmonica components
  • Optimize in-house screen printing process to improve yield
  • Develop in-line thickness gauge
  • Set up high capacity dipping processes