A Team of Professionals

Led by a team of seasoned professionals, Haiku Tech helps manufacturers around the world capitalize on the evolving opportunities in multilayer ceramics and tape casting technology. We offer smart, cost-effective solutions to the manufacturing challenges in producing ceramic multilayer components. Our special areas of expertise include LTCC, multilayer piezo-actuator and SOFC fuel cell manufacturing with laboratory and full-scale factory lines.

We are proud to say that Haiku Tech serves some of the largest, best known companies in the industry, in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Among these companies are familiar names such as AVX, Kemet, TDK, Siemens, Ceramtec, Vishay, Samsung and HC Starck.

Haiku Tech’s full-service approach includes:

  • Supply.
    We offer a wide range of products, including front-end multi-layer equipment, screen printers, coaters, tape casters and visual inspection equipment, binders and paste vehicles, custom paste manufacture.
  • Consulting solutions for multilayer technology challenges.
    Our team has many years of specialized experience in ceramic multilayer components, and this expertise is available on a project basis.
  • Design, development and prototyping.
    We can assist in the design, development and prototyping of new ceramic products, reducing usage of costly materials
  • Materials and equipment.
    With our industry partners, we can supply the materials and equipment necessary for virtually any ceramics or tape casting production process.
  • Service.
    We provide round-the-clock customer service and support.

Whether updating old technologies or implementing new applications, Haiku Tech’s integrated, in-house manufacturing solutions provide greater accountability, transparency and support.

Our Partners

To better service our customers, Haiku Tech is the exclusive marketing, sales and service window for our leading industry partners:


Manufacturer of screen printers, tape casters and multilayer equipment.

Polymer Innovations

Specialized in the use of polymers for tape casting and thick film printing pastes.


Specialized in metallization equipment


Specialized in LED-Wafer breaking equipment


Specialized in electrical heated belt furnaces